SEC slaps real estate firm with $600m fine for ponzi scheme

The SEC has charged National Reality Investment Advisors and four of its former execs for running a ‘ponzi-like scheme’.

Why the Stock Market is a PONZI ���� #shorts

This is a lesser known fact, but something to know especially as you think about what the stock market actually is, or does.

When you buy a company’s stock, the company doesn’t get your money. Someone else out there in the world does. You and I trade on the secondary market. We’re all just playing one big game that was created by a group of savvy gentlemen in the late 1700s.

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SEC Slaps Founders, Promoters of Alleged Ponzi Scheme Forsage With Fraud Charges

SEC Slaps Founders, Promoters of Alleged Ponzi Scheme Forsage With Fraud Charges⁣ #ponzischeme #sec #forsage #slaps #founder

SEC: Woman ran Ponzi scheme in Pompano Beach, scammed thousands

A South Florida woman faces a federal fraud investigation after she scammed thousands of people through a massive, multimillion-dollar Ponzi operation, authorities and investors said.

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