Rental pricing software PriceLabs scores $30m from Summit Partners

PriceLabs, a dynamic pricing and revenue management solution for the short-term rental market, has announced a $30m minority growth investment from Summit Partners.

ALL PriceLabs Customizations Tutorial | 2023 UPDATED | Smart Pricing

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【Table Of Contents: PriceLabs Customizations Tutorial】
0:00 Intro
2:24 Last Minute Prices
4:10 Orphan Day Prices
6:03 Day Of Week Pricing Adjustment
6:43 Occupancy-Based Adjustments (Separate Video)
7:08 Minimum Stay Update
8:38 Minimum Stay For Orphan Bookings
10:10 Minimum Stay For Last-Minute Bookings
10:30 Minimum Stay For Far-Out Bookings
11:11 Check In – Check Out
11:30 Custom Seasonal Profile
12:40 Minimum Weekend Pricing
15:48 Minimum Far Our Pricing
16:48 Weekend Days
17:06 Demand Factor Aggressiveness
18:16 Pricing Offset
18:55 Adjacent Factor
19:36 Heirarchy Rules


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Understanding PriceLabs Market Dashboards – vacation rental data and insights from around the world

PriceLabs Market Dashboards provide data and insights for short-term rental properties around the world through easy-to-digest graphs and insights.

You can use these dashboards to:
1. Make better pricing decisions
2. Analyze markets and properties for investment potential
3. Compare your performance against the market

And to support you better in making the most out of it, we are introducing new training sessions focused on Market Dashboards, where we discuss:

1. How do we calculate the data from around the world?
2. Understanding various terminologies used.
3. Analyzing Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), Creating a comp set, Price and Occupancy Trends, and many more factors to make a profitable business decision.

These sessions are conducted 6th of every month. Check out the schedule and register for the webinar:

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PriceLabs Minimum Stay, Base Price, and on raising $30M – with co-founder

PriceLabs co-founder Anurag Verma spills the beans on:
– the company went from being 100% bootstrapped to raising $30M from Summit Partners
– why they are going to use the money to improve their dynamic pricing tool for Airbnb and vacation rentals, as well as to hire more people (if you are a Glassdoor user looking for a career at PriceLabs, make sure to watch the video)
– how their Base Price Help tool and Minimum Stay Recommendations tools have revolutionized the short-term rental industry by helping owners and managers reach better decisions by using AI and algorithms to give them the right data.
00:00 Introduction
00:42 Raising $30M
02:50 Base Price and Minimum Stay
09:00 Conclusion