Mobileum acquires WeDo Technologies to boost anti-fraud technology

Mobileum, an analytics-based roaming and risk management platform, has acquired WeDo Technologies for an undisclosed amount.

What is Toll Fraud (IRSF)

Toll Fraud – redirecting calls overseas for illegal cash is growing. International revenue sharing fraud (IRSF), most commonly known as toll fraud, is a scheme where fraudsters artificially generate a high volume of international calls on expensive routes. Fraudsters make calls to what is known as premium-rate numbers and take a cut of the revenue generated from these calls. Toll fraud is the most prevalent and expensive type of telephony or telecommunication fraud.

WeDo Technologies and Ericsson partnership assure CSPs in the Future of Digital Services

Leveraging our new partnership Ericsson and WeDo Technologies developed a Digital Transformation demo with some examples of risks associated with the development of new B2B2X business models that can help CSPs.

Mobileum – Counter Fraud Analytics – Why Big Data is essential for Counter Fraud

#MWC14: Demo of WeDo Technologies’ fraud management system

João Resende, vice president of product development, shows how WeDo Technologies’ Raid 7 fraud management system works on screen.