Verisk launches geolocation solutions for risk assessment

Verisk, a global data analytics provider, has launched a geolocation solution for commercial and residential risk assessment.

What’s New in Touchstone: Geospatial Analytics

Hear about the significant enhancements to the geospatial engine in the latest version of Touchstone, AIR’s risk management platform. The improved architecture has resulted in performance improvements and more robust GIS functionality to enable users to better visualize and understand their risk. For more information please visit

GDPR Carrying out a DPIA

Managing Your Casualty Risk with Arium

Learn how Arium can help you identify, measure, and mitigate your casualty risk. Arium is a powerful exposure management application designed to help you evaluate liability accumulations and run casualty scenarios.

Visit to schedule a demo and learn more.

Verisk Analytics CEO weighs in on how the risk assessment firm uses data

Scott Stephenson, Verisk Analytics chairman and CEO, on what his company does and how they use data.