Tow Truck Stockton

We know the hard times that come from breaking down on the side of the road when you are in a hurry or falling behind schedule. We are here to the rescue. Our workers of tow operators have gone through extensive training to be able to handle a wide range of problems. Our service from flat tires to dead batteries, to simply running out of gas. At Tow Truck Stockton we are prepared to deal with these, as well as other automotive issues. We are your tow truck company that will always arrive at your location with a tow truck. So in the unfortunate case that the situation cannot be resolved on-site. So your vehicle can tow to a repair facility without hesitation.

Towing Services

Our team knows the stress that comes from breaking down on the side of the road when you are in a hurry or falling behind schedule. Thus, do not look at other help. We are fast, reliable and affordable towing and nearby roadside assistance. We are here to the rescue.

Accident Assistance Service

If you involved in an auto accident and you have full coverage insurance. Your insurance company pays for your tow bill and storage. Hence, call your insurance company that our service will be assisting you and storing your vehicle. In that case, just give them our phone number and they will handle the rest.

Jumpstart Service

When you turn the key and your car does not start? The possibility is you have a dead battery on your hands. Call us to safely jump start your vehicle and help you get back on the road quickly.

Lock-out Service

It is common to most car owner to experience a car lockout. In a situation like this, unlocking the vehicle is quite a complicated job that requires the right skills and specialization. Thus, looking car lockout service from inexperienced or unskilled locksmiths can result in damage to your vehicle in many ways.

Fuel Delivery Service

Have an experience you run out of gas and were stranded in the middle of the road? To run out of fuel with no nearby fuel station can be a frustrating experience. In this case, our company can solve your problem by providing you two gallons of fuel at the earliest.

Medium Duty Towing Truck

Our medium-sized tow trucks are the most capable and useful trucks in the fleet. That has specially designed to tow an array of vehicles of different sizes such as semi-truck, food trucks, box-trucks, tractors. As well as, buses, vans, trailers, and even other tow trucks.

To have our service don’t hesitate to call your tow truck service Stockton any time anywhere seven days a week.


Our company is the leading truck towing company that give best, customer-focus service to the Stockton area since 2000. With less than 20-years in the industry that comes across many experiences. We have trained a team of experts who possess the best moral values and ethics.

Tow Truck Stockton committed to serving all of our customers towing. Also, roadside assistance needs 24-hours a day, 7 days a week. Hence, either our customers stranded in rush hour traffic. Even in the midnight hour, we are here to help.

A family own tow truck service Stockton with focus on serving the people who are in the middle of the road that stranded. The owner is a native of Stockton with many years of experience before they start their own business. With this they allow the company to grow more and enhance the line of service and use modern and latest materials and equipment.


To give all the needs of our customers in satisfying ways with honesty. We believe that the key to the success of the business is loyal customers. That is why we give a big value to all the needs of our customers. Also, not only serving them but building a relationship with them is also an important thing to keep having a successful business.


With the use of high modern materials and equipment, we want to be one of the best company in the industry with complete service and good relationship to our customers and partners. To maintain expert workers that have complete training and workshop. Also, they develop a good moral character.


We humbled to receive a few recognition from the highest leaders in the industry. With the recognition of being a stable company because we maintain our customer and increasing our new customers yearly. With this acknowledgment from the industry are motivated to continue our service and keep on developing.



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