As car owners, we know the difficulty motorists face when their car breaks down in the middle of a long trip. If your car happens to bog down while you’re driving, you can call our towing service so we can bring your car to your choice of an auto shop for repairs.

Without a roadside assistance Stockton CA to call, you will be stuck on the road for hours. You will miss your appointments and you will have to endure the long wait.

However, this wouldn’t be a problem if you call us. Once we receive your call, we will dispatch a team to tow your vehicle. We currently offer medium-duty towing for the following vehicle types:

-Sedans, vans, buses


-Food trucks




-Tow trucks

“I’m looking for a tow truck company near me!” If you’re located in Stockton and surrounding cities, just call us and we will spare you from the hassle.

The towing service you can trust

We have helped hundreds of car owners tow their vehicles and get back on the road. Our team banks on a fast and reliable response. With us, calling for help wouldn’t be another headache. Paired with our complimentary roadside services, you will have peace of mind while driving.

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